Preliminary Scientific program

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Centre of Communicable Diseases and AIDS, Nugal_toj_ 14 D, Vilnius


Northern Dimension Partnership on Public Health and Social Wellbeing (NDPHS) Expert Group on HIV, TB and Associated Infections meeting

Chair: A. Arsalo (Finland)


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Lithuanian Academy of Science, Gedimino Av.3, Vilnius


Big hall




Welcome message on behalf of MoH (Ausra Bilotiene - Motiejuniene,) and Lithuanian Academy of Science (Vytautas Basys)


Key lecture: The Battle Over Genome Editing. Virgilijus Siksnys (TBC), Lithuania


Symposium A "Vaccine-preventable infections" 

Chairs: R. Butler (WHO), M. Skerlev (Croatia), A.Kozlov A (Russia)


European Vaccine Action Plan. Life time vaccination good practice and challenges. Robb Butler, WHO, Copenhagen (TBC)


New vaccines implementation challenges in Lithuania. Nerija Kupreviciene, Lithuania


Vaccination in Latvia (TBC)


HPV and men in the global context of the vaccines. Mihael Skerlev, Croatia


Therapeutic HPV vaccination. Maria Issagouliantis, Latvia


Health Break 


Symposium B "Communicable diseases and social determinants of health"

Chairs: A. Arsalo (Finland), M. Mardarescu (Romania)


On behalf of ND, topic on HIV and AI (title TBC). Ali Arsalo, NDP, Finland


New Nordic Council of Ministers’ Cooperation Programme in Northwest Russia: mobilising resources for better response: HIV and associated infections, 2017-2018. Dmitry Titkov, Finland


Mika Salminen, Finland (title TBC)


Public health dimension in balanced drug policy: aim and measures. Inga Juozapavi_ien_, Lithuania


The Sialon II Project - integrating bio-behavioural survey among men who have sex with men in 13 European countries: project results and recommendations. Lorenzo Gios and Massimo Mirandola, Italy


Gender difference and HIV protective behaviour among internal migrants in Bagkok, Thailand. Thepthien Bang-on, Thailand


Behavioural changes in the Romanian young population and their effect on HIV transmission. Mariana Mardarescu, Romania


Lunch Break


Symposium C "Tuberculosis"

Chairs:  M. Dara (WHO), T. Ulrichs (Germany), M. Danilovits (Estonia), M Singh (Germany)


Masoud Dara, WHO, Copenhagen (title TBC)


Challenges in TB control in Eastern Europe. Timo Ulrichs, Germany


TB  control in Lithuania. Kestutis Miskinis, Lithuania


Challenges in TB control in Estonia. Manfred Danilovits, Estonia


TB control in Belarus (TBC). Alena Skrahina, Belarus


TB control in the Russian Federation, collaborative projects with EU in within the Northern Dimension Partnership (TBC). Anna Starchinova, Russian Federation


New Approaches to TB Diagnostics. Mahavir Singh, Germany


Genotypic diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in patients with a combination of TB and HIV infection. Diana Vakhrusheva, Kseniya Belousova, Tatyana Umpeleva and Sergey Skornyakov, Russian Federation


Impact of HIV infection on TB epidemic in Russia. Olga Nechaeva, Russian Federation


Health Break



OPENING Plenary  

Chairs:  A.Veryga (Lithuania), M.Dara (WHO), M. Catchpole (ECDC)                  


Video message from European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis


Welcome message. Ministry of Health Aurelijus Veryga, Lithuania


Welcome message on behalf of Lithuania academy of science


Challenges in Communicable Diseases - WHO perspective. Masoud Dara, WHO, Copenhagen (title TBC)


Continuum of HIV Care and antimicrobial resistance. Mike Catchpole, ECDC, Stockholm


Ending AIDS: progress towards the 90–90–90 targets. Vinay Saldanha, UNAIDS, Moscow




Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lithuanian Academy of science, Gedimino Av.3, Vilnius

Big hall

Small hall





Welcome A. Rubins, S. Valiukeviciene, S. Caplinskas



Key lecture: Pruritus management in patients with chronic internal diseases. Jacek Szepietowski, Poland




Chairs: A. Poder (Estonia), M. Domeika (Sweden), I. Jakobsone (Latvia)

Oral Poster session „PH bureau activity“


Trends of STI-s in Europe. Airi Poder, Estonia



Facing co-morbidity response challenges (perspective from Lithuania). Saulius Caplinskas, Lithuania



Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia (epidemiology, diagnostics and therapy) in Latvia. Ilze Jakobsone, Latvia



Clinical Manifestations of Congenital syphilis. Vesta Kucinskiene, Lithuania



Syphilis. Silvestrs Rubins, Latvia



Sexual behaviour and STI (Lithuania population representative studies results). Agne Simkunaite – Zazecke and Irma Caplinskien_, Lithuania



STI management - evidence based international approaches and international collaborative projects. Marius Domeika, Sweden



Health Break



Plenary B "HIV" 

Chairs: C. Moog (France), E. Karamov (Russian Federation)

Oral Poster session „ULAC (Centre of Communicable Diseases and AIDS) initiatives“


On behalf of WHO, topic HIV/STI/VH/TB. Masoud Dara, WHO, Copenhagen (title TBC)

ULAC posters exhibition


Lessons learned from HIV patients that control infection. Christian Moog, France



Late presentation in HIV infection. Cristina Mussini, Italy



Risk factors involved in late detection of HIV mother to child transmission -  data from the National Registry of HIV pregnant women and perinatally exposed children in Romania.

Mariana Mardarescu, Romania



Increasing HIV epidemy in Slovakia - challange to reach UNAIDS goals "90-90-90". Danica Staneková, Slovakia



 Lunch Break



PLENARY C "Psoriasis" 

Chairs: M-A. Richard (France), J. Szepietowski (Poland), E. Christophers (Germany)

Poster presentation /

Satellite session


The manifold faces of psoriasis. Enno Christophers, Germany



The New Aims in Psoriasis Treatment. Jacek Szepietowski, Poland



Treatment of severe psoriasis in children. Jurgita Karciauskiene, Lithuania



Methotrexate prescription in others skin condition than psoriasis. Marie-Aleth Richard, France



Enthesitis as a predisposing factor of psoriatic arthritis in patients with nail psoriasis? Tatjana Sidorcika, Latvia



Health Break


PLENARY D "Acne, Hidradenitis and Pruritus" 

Chairs: C. Zoubulis (Germany), V. Kucinskiene (Lithuania),

Poster presentation /

Satellite session


European guidelines for hidradenitis suppurativa management. Biological role and evidence based potential. Christos Zoubulis, Germany



Biological role for auto inflammatory PASH syndrome. Vesta Kucinskiene, Lithuania



What’s new in the management of Acne. Christos Zoubulis, Germany



Visit to the  Vilnius University (University St. 7, Vilnius) 


Dinner (Venue: Vilnius University Department of History Cafe, University St. 7, Vilnius)


Friday, October 6, 2017

Lithuanian Academy of science, Gedimino Av.3, Vilnius

Archangel Conference and Arts Centre,   Maironio St. 11

Big hall

Small hall






Free Communications / Case report session A

Chairs: E. Buinauskaite (Lithuania), M.Septe (Latvia), P. Kohl (Germany)

Free Communications / Abstract based Case report session B





Symposium D "HIV and AI" 

Chairs: V. Eremin (Belarus), E. Leskovsek (Slovenia), T. Reic (Belgium)


How to be happy being a doctor. Evelina Buinauskaite, Lithuania

The first surveillance and molecular characterization of environmental Legionella pneumophila strains isolated in Lithuania: a 4-year survey. Povilas Kavaliauskas, Lithuania

Continuum of HIV Care. Mike Catchpole, ECDC, Stockholm


The significance of high frequency ultrasound and spectrophotometry in diagnostics of melanocytic skin tumours. Gintare Linkeviciute, Lithuania

Seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness against laboratory-confirmed influenza in 2015-2017: A hospital-based test-negative case-control study in Lithuania. Monika Kuliese, Lithuania

HIV modelling (WHO, ECDC or Lithuanian representative TBC)


Experience removal of benign tumours of the skin in problem face areas. Ingrida Ritina, Latvia


Building a repository to support HIV research, the experience of the Centre for AIDS Reagents. Yan Le Duff, UK


Side effects in cosmetic dermatology. Alena Soha, Latvia


Impact of recombination on HIV-1 evolution: viral loads and immune response. Feng Gao, USA


Dissecting folliculitis: a clinical case and review of literature. Alise Balcere, Latvia


Apoptosis in HIV infection. Sergey Zhavoronok, Belarus


Rosacea complication – Rhynophyma. Evita Jakusonoka, Latvia


HIV-1 molecular epidemiology in Moscow. Miguel Thomson, Spain


4 interesting case reports in dermatovenerology. Marcis Septe, Latvia


Presentation on genotypes / subgenotypes / subtypes of HIV and viral hepatitis in different groups of patients (IDUs, infection with medical manipulation, sexual transmission, mother-to-child transmission). Vladimir Eremin, Belarus


What is your diagnosis? – 5 interactive cases from Berlin. Peter Kohl, Germany


HIV and TB Co-infection in Russia. Eduard Karamov, Russian Federation


Case report. Angelika Krumina, Latvia


PrimerID-_tagged Deep Sequencing Analysis of Transmitted HIV_1 Variants among Acutely Infected People Who Inject Drugs Confirms the HIV-_1 Transmission Bottleneck. Andrey Kozlov, Russian Federation


Forgotten diseases in Europe but not in Africa. Evelina Buinauskaite, Lithuania


Automated Cell Culture, HIV Virus Production, and Cell-Based Assays. Anke Schultz and Anja Germann, Germany


Two patients with syphilis had a lichen planus like lesions. Melikoglu Mehmet, Turkey


Concomitant leprosy and HIV infection – immunological response. Pandya Krishnakant, India


A delayed granulomatous inflemation to a tattoo ink. Kasparane Lana, Latvia


Sexual behaviour and HIV/STD prevention - the Slovenian experience. Evita Leskovsek,Slovenia


Combined treatment of rosacea. Case report. Soha Alena, Latvia


On behalf of European Liver Patients’ Association (ELPA) (title TBC). Tatjana Reic, Belgium


Efficacy of Lymecycline over doxycycline in the treatment of Acne Vulgaris. Singh Ajay Kamur, India




Health Break 


SYMPOSIUM E "Dermatology and internal medicine" 

Chairs: A. Bulinska (Australia), U. Adaskevich (Belarus)

Poster presentation / Free Communications /

Satellite session C

Symposium D "HIV and AI" (contin.)

Chairs: V. Eremin (Belarus), E. Leskovsek (Slovenia), T. Reic (Belgium)


Primary Cicatrical Alopecias. Uladzimir Adaskevich, Belarus




Biological therapy in patients with psoriasis and hepatitis. Viktorija Vilkickaite, Lithuania




Dermoscopy: spot the mark, mark the spot. Pandya Krishnakant, India




Lunch Break


Symposium F "Cutaneous oncology and surgery" 

Chairs: K. Eisendle (Austria), M. Rone-Kupfere (Latvia), A. Kozlov (Russia)

Poster presentation / Free Communications /

Satellite session D

Symposium G "AM resistance" Chairs: M. Catchpole (ECDC), C. Mussini (Italy), I. Zurlyte (WHO)


Diagnosing of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions by dermatoscopy. Agata Bulinska,



Antimicrobial resistance. Mike Catchpole, ECDC, Stockholm


The new oncological theory and it’s possible practical application. Andrey Kozlov, Russian Federation


Issue of antimicrobial resistance and management situation in Lithuania. Akvil_ Kenstavi_ien_, Rolanda Valint_lien_, Hygiene Institute, Lithuania


Actinic keratosis - what is hot and what is not. Evelina Buinauskaite, Lithuania


Improve antimicrobial resistance in endemic countries. Cristina Mussini, Italy


Peculiarities of the pathogenesis and locoregional recurrence in case of head and neck basalioma. Jelena Moisejenko – Golubovica, Latvia


From stable to table – the AMR situation in the field of animal health. Vidmantas Paulauskas, Lithuania


Surgery, flaps and grafts. Klaus Eisendle, Austria




Early detection of Melanoma – why, who and when? Reuven Bergman, Israel




Treatment technologies for face in modern dermatology. Mara Rone Kupfere, Latvia




The significance of high frequency ultrasound and spectrophotometry in diagnostics of melanocytic skin tumours. Gintar_ Linkevi_i_t_, Lithuania




Symposium H "Skin fragility and inflammation" 

Chairs: A. Rubins (Latvia), D. Zaslavsky (Russia), K. Kingo (Estonia), K. Eisendle (Austria)

Poster presentation / Free Communications /

Satellite session E

H Poster satellite discussion  Communicable Diseases and Public Health

(up to 5 minutes)


Dermatology – practical notes. Andris Rubins, Latvia


Presentation from the National Blood Bank (topic to be confirmed)


Questions of neonatal and infant dermatology. Denis Zaslavsky, Russian Federation


Implementation of vaccination against flu  promotion programme among pregnant women in Kaunas County and programme results, Kristina Rud_inskait_, NPHC Kaunas Department


Dermatologic diseases of the breast and nipple. Klaus Eisendle, Austria


Activities of Kaunas County Antimicrobial Resistance Control Group, Orina Ivanauskien_, NPHC Kaunas Department


The possibilities of clinical research on chronic inflammatory skin diseases. Külli Kingo, Estonia


Communicable diseases in  incarceration settings, Irma Urbonien_, Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania, Health Care Division


Contact Dermatitis – Diagnosis and Treatment. Silvestrs Rubins, Latvia


Quality assessment of HIV prevention in Klaipeda, Brigita Kairien_, NPHC Klaipeda Department


Dead Sea Minerals in Dermatology. Orit Palti, Israel


Tuberculosis situation and prevention means in Kaunas in 2012–2015. Kaunas Municipality Public Health Office (to be confirmed)




Epidemiological consistent patterns of rotavirus infection in Lithuania, 2006-2016, Ginreta Valin_i_t_, Giedr_ Aleksien_, Robertas Petraitis, NPHC




Intestinal infections. Key prevention means. Karolina Prankien_, Panevezys Public Health Office




Tick-borne diseases and epidemiological situation. Natalija Abramova, Egle Orechovien_, Biruta Zdanevi_ien_, NPHC; Milda _ygutien_, ULAC (topic and speakers to be confirmed)




Presentations from the National Public Health Laboratory (to be confirmed)




Intestinal infections. Key prevention means, Karolina Prankien_, Panevezys Public Health Office




Tuberculosis situation and prevention means in Kaunas city 2012–2015, Iveta Ku_inskait_, Kaunas Public Health Office




 Presentations from the Public Health Offices (topics and speakers to be confirmed)




ULAC presentations (topics and speakers to be confirmed)


Health Break 


Symposium I "Melanoma" 

Chairs: S. Valiukeviciene (Lithuania), R. Bergman (Israel), A. Bulinska (Australia), K.Poisa (Latvia)

Poster presentation / Free Communications /

Satellite session F



An international prospective analysis of melanoma awareness over a 12-year period. Sugrue Ryan, Ireland




Use of dermatoscopy in diagnosing malignant neoplasms deriving from epidermis. Agata Bulinska, Australia




Dysplastic nevi – good or bad for the patient?

Krist_ne Poi_a, Latvia




Early detection of Melanoma – why, who and when? Reuven Bergman, Israel




What is important for the management of melanoma. Skaidra Valiukeviciene, Lithuania




Individualized therapy and long-term course of a melanoma patient. Bolte Merle, Germany






Visit to the  Church Heritage Museum   (Maironio St. 11)




CLOSING CEREMONY  and Gala Dinner      (Venue:  Archangel Conference and Arts Centre, Maironio St. 11)

Saturday, October 7, 2017